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For Professional Horse Trucks and Mobile Homes

MTS stands for top-class special vehicles. Our transporters combine perfect mobility with safe and comfortable accommodation for the animals and their owners.

We expand and modify existing base vehicles or develop your individual horse truck or mobile homes from scratch. Our high-tech vehicles combine a great variety of technical components. We handle the manufacturing, maintenance and service with all of our experience and expert knowledge to assure you flawless functioning of all the elements. Electronic control and monitoring systems, air-conditioning, water and energy supply, video and audio equipment, motors and compressors are our specialty.

Horse Trucks By MTS
Comfortable Special Vehicles

Transportation of horses is always accompanied by anxiety, stress and physical strain for the animals. The reasons are that their vision is obstructed, the environment is unfamiliar and they find it difficult to balance the often jerky movements of the vehicle. Horse trucks are designed to help with that.

MTS made it their personal task to develop the ideal transporting solution for horses. A bright, fully air-conditioned horse area with large windows and skylights, hydraulic ramps, automatic transmission units in connection with electronic starting and braking assistance systems as well as comfort-oriented air suspension for a jolt and vibration free transport of your horses are part of our standard repertoire of options to choose from. This way we built state-of-the-art horse trucks.

And the best part: most of these options can be retrofitted. Ask us about it, our special vehicle experts will gladly advice you personally!

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If you have any questions, I am your contact person at MTS. For our services, conversion and modernisation and used and new vehicles I will be on your side with help and advice. Through my many years of experience in equestrian sport, I know about the specifics of horse transport and I am what they say “The horse whisperer from MTS”. Many of you know when it is urgent, I am glad to provide a helping hand.


I am in charge of all administrative aspects at MTS. Facts, figures and data are my speciality. In case you have any questions about our administration or finance related topics, I am the person to talk to. Through my many years of experience as a manager at a former leading manufacturer I acquired expert knowledge about special vehicles. With this know-how I will gladly assist you at any time.